About Us

Built in 1889

Celebrating the 130th birthday of grand dame of Port Townsend!


The Starrett House was built in 1889 by George Starrett for his wife Ann in the Gothic & Stick architectural styles. George and Ann lived in the home with their only child Edwin, his nanny, and 2 servants for more than twenty years. The joy and peace that they maintained in the house is felt immediately by anyone who visits, and besides its beauty is what makes the house such a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. The most prominent feature of the house is the free-floating spiral grand staircase, which terminates in a beautiful fresco painted on the ceiling of the 70' tower, representing the 4 seasons. This impressive architectural feature acts as a solar calendar, and is what earned the house the nickname "The House of Four Seasons." Only 1 other staircase of its age & kind still exists in the United States. Original frescoes adorn all of the 1st floor public room ceilings, as well as authentic period fixtures and furnishings, including some of The Starrett's personal possessions. 

The Current Caretakers & Innkeepers

 Our mission is to preserve this beautiful piece of architectural history for future generations. As our guest, we are grateful for your direct contribution to that mission. We welcome you to come take a step back in time & experience a taste of what it was like to live in a high Victorian home during a slower-paced gentler time. We encourage our guests to move freely about the property and public spaces, and to make themselves at home, just as The Starrett family once did. During its 130 year history this house has acted as a private residence, a French restaurant, boarding house, and for the last 30 years a B&B. As the current stewards, we love it as our family home which we are thrilled to share with guests from near and far, while preserving it and sharing it with others.