About Nanny's Room

 Ascend the free-floating spiral staircase and head down the hall to arrive at the second floor historic Nanny's Room. With a king 4-poster bed, a compact private bathroom with shower, and a garden and modest water view, it is the perfect room to get cozy and watch the sunrise over the bay, while enjoying the light cheery feel. The Starrett's only son Edwin was looked after by his live-in Nanny and as a personal servant, this was her private bedroom. With the aviary-themed wallpaper in mellow pastels and cream, bordered with hints of gold gilding, this room retains a light and airy feel, with a graceful yet nurturing charm.

Reviews From our Wonderful Guests:

The Starrett house is a gorgeous old Victorian mansion with all the guest rooms on the second floor. The common areas on the first floor have large windows, most with views of the water. These windows make the area very bright and there are many nooks to sit, read, chat, and/or enjoy a cup of coffee. Very pleasant place overall and with a great history. The hosts are friendly, accommodating, and available. As most good hoteliers know good mattresses make for happy customers and the one on our bed was excellent. Great combination of a soft top and firm mattress. 

-Tom April 2019

Super-cool for fans of historic homes-- the staircase is one of only two like it in the US and the home had other cool features like a special installation of windows and frescoes that you'll want to see on Solstice and the equinox. Friendly, accommodating hosts who live on site and are committed to historic accuracy. Incredibly comfortable mattress in the Nanny' s Room, plush robes for extra comfort. Lots of places to hang out in the home, walk-able to everything. 

-Barb December 2018 

What a rare find! This Victorian mansion is well-cared for and offers modern comfort in an old-world setting. Starrett House and Port Townsend are worth the trip. Thank you! 

-Scott August 2018